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KAIST offers various services to students, and CEE provides both undergraduates and graduates with numerous supports for balanced campus life with education, research, and safety in focus.

Education Support
APSS (Asian-Pacific Summer School)

Students of structural engineering from Korea, USA, Japan, China, and Taiwan participate in graduate students exchange program. Held annually, APSS takes place for 3 weeks in one of the participating countries, and activities related to smart structural engineering are performed. APSS participants are given with superb opportunities to learn cutting-edge technologies related to smart structural engineering, and this program aims for active collaboration among universities. (

KAIST-TONGJI Summer School

During summer school program with Tonji University (Shanghai, China) , Civil and Environmental Engineering undergraduate students from KAIST and Tonji University exchange academic knowledge in the area of civil, environment, city, infrastructure, and smart facilities. This program also provides students a chance to experience the other culture from cultural trips and tours. The summer school takes place alternatively in Korea and China.

International Exchange Program (

International Exchange Program (

Freshman Program(
Program designed for undergraduate freshmen to help them in both academic and campus life by providing guides through programs such as freshman seminar, freshman activities, FDC (Freshman Design Course), and tutoring.

Leadership Program (
As KAIST has endeavored to foster world class students with creativity and scientific minds, graduate students and alumni are currently leading various cutting-edge scientific and engineering fields. Leadership is required in this field of studies, and this promotes to enable our graduate students to go through hardships once faced. This lead to KAIST’s education to promote future leaders with both basic scientific knowledge and its application, along with know-how, morality, and health. Leadership program thus came out to fulfill such purposes for undergraduate students to be creative leader with high self-esteem.

Language Center (
KAIST Language Center is a professional language center as a part of KAIST College of Liberal Arts and Convergence Science. For the last 17 years, the center was in charge of helping not only the students with foreign languages, but also researchers with professional English and Koreans, editing and translating English manuscripts

IT Academy (
KAIST IT Academy was established as IT-related education center in Jun, 2002. Ever since its establishment, Samsung Multi-campus, Cisco Network Systems, Microsoft has been collaborating in many University-Industry projects. KAIST IT Academy, a renowned center for IT education, provides IT-related education for not only KAIST students, but also students, researchers, officers, and soldiers from Daejeon / Chung-Nam Province.

Research Support
KAIST aims to create entrepreneurship among its students, creating jobs and developing the society.

Central Analysis Research Co-utility Center (
KAIST offers research analysis program for universities and research institutes with weak research infra by supporting the fostering of entrepreneurship and small enterprises

University-Industry Cooperation Center (
Univ.-Ind. Coop. Center deals with patent, entrepreneurship, and science park promotion.

KAIST Library became what is now after its first establishment in 1971, then renovated on March, 1990. There are four libraries in KAIST, Central Library, Undergraduate Library, Mun-Ji Library, and Management University Library (Seoul). Aiming at the goal to be a “Best Scientific University in the middle of the World”, KAIST library comprises of most recent academic knowledge, Information infrastructure, and active academic exchange among other institutes.

Health and Mental Health Support
KAIST Clinic(
KAIST clinic offers numerous health related services for KAIST students.

Student Counselling Center (
Student Counselling Center is open for helping KAIST students. The center provides individual counselling sessions with psychology experts available by appointment.

Other Student Support
IT integrated Guide for School Life(
Students and members of KAIST can get various information related to their works and lives through online services on the following items.
- Integrated guide for School life (Freshman information, Bank account, Dormitory, ID card, etc.)
- IP address for Network usage request
- Wireless network registration
- PC network setup guide
- VPN service (KVPN) manuals
- Other manual download links

KAIST Online Community “ARA” (
Online community for students to share their campus lives