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Research Achievement
IF (Top 2 in KAIST) : 27.37(CEE) vs. 14.85 (USA Top 5)
RIMS IF rate(Top 1 in KAIST)
Paper citation (Top 2 in KAIST) : 6.12(CEE) vs. 7.75 (USA Top 5)
Publication from faculty per year : 5.37 (KAIST) vs. 3.26 (USA Top 5)
Rank 32 world-wide (2014 QS World University Rankings of Civil & Structural Engineering)
Domestic rank 1 for 15 years (Korea Joongang Daily)
KAIST best department for three consecutive years (2011-2013)

Institution Paper # citation JIF Faculty # Paper #
per faculty
JIF per paper Citation
per paper
Top 5 Univ. (U.S.)
(GT, Stanford, UC Berkeley,
UIUC, Texas)
484.0 1,715.6 1,029.5 49.6  3.26 2.19 3.59
Top 4 Univ. (Europe/Asia)
(ICL, Delft, Tokyo, NUS)
382.5 1,197.8 703.3 51.8 2.50 1.76 2.88
Top 9 Univ. (world-wide) 438.9 1,485.4 884.5 50.6 2.92 2.00 3.28
KAIST 274 797 518.66 17 5.37 1.89 2.91 

Start-up Company / Technology Transfer
Start-up Company
ForSUP E&R, Korea Maintenance, Hakyung Engineering, DODAM Engineering & Construction, and etc.

Technology Transfer

Name Honors and Awards

Prof. Kim, Jin-Keun

American Concrete Institute Senior Researcher
Junior Chamber International honorary member

Prof. Shin, Hang-Sik

Grand prize in knowledge and creation section (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology)
Achievement award from Korea Federation of Water Science and Engineering Societies (KFWSES)

Prof. Kim, Dong-Soo

Korean Society of Civil Engineers academic excellence award
2013 Government R&D 100 excellent item

Prof. Cho, Gye-Chun

13th Young Scientist Award (Engineering 4th division) (2010)

Prof. Myung, Hyun

ICROS (Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems) Academic Activity Award (2012)
Best Paper Award from KIPO (Korea Intellectual Property Office) (2013)

Prof. Yoon, Yoonjin

ICRAT 2012 best paper award

Prof. Sohn, Hoon

Selected in 100 promising people in next 10 years (Dong-a daily, 2012)

Prof. Jung, Hyung-Jo

2011 Government R&D 100 excellent item

Prof. Lee, Woojin

KAIST international collaboration award

Prof. Lee, Haeng-Ki

Scientist of National Merit, Ministry of Science and Technology (2013)

Prof. Yeo, Hwasoo

Awarded letter of appreciation from Military Transportation Command

Prof. Hong, Jung-Wuk

Korean nuclear society excellent paper award

Prof. Han, Jong-In

commendation from minister in Global Frontier project

Name (Program) Honors and Awards

Shin, Sung Wook (MS),
Tak, Se Hyun(Ph.D)

Kolon LSI Innovator Idea Contest Best Award

Kyung, Dae Seung (Ph.D)

21th KKNN Symposium Best Award

Jung, Joon Young (MS)

U-city program Excellence Award

Kim, Jae Hyun (Ph.D)

Korean Geotechnical Society Conference Best Paper Award

Kim, Se Hee (MS)

24th KKCNN Symposium Best Paper Award

Song, Ho Min (MS)

38th Korean Society of Civil Engineering Conference Best Paper Award

Cho, Si Kyung (Ph.D)

CESE2012 Best Paper Award

Jeon, Haemin (Ph.D)

ICROS 2012 Excellent Paper Award

Shin, Sung Wook (MS)

67th Korean Society of Transportation Best Paper Award

Kim, Soo Rin (Ph.D)

2012 Korean Society of Ocean Engineer Conference Best Paper Award

Ko, Young Woo (MS)

Korean Society of Civil Engineering Conference Construction Engineering Forum Excellence Award

Tak, Se Hyun (Ph.D)

ASCE Best Paper Award

Jeon, Haemin (Ph.D)

Silver price at Hyundai Engineering & Construction technology exhibition

Sung, Seunghoon

Excellent young researcher paper award from Korea Institute for Structural Maintenance and Inspection

Lee, Jung Hoon (Ph.D)

Excellence paper award from Korea Institute for Structural Maintenance and Inspection

Kim, In Ho (Ph.D)

Excellence paper award Korean noise control engineering conference

Yoon, Jung Min (MS)

Excellence award Hyundai Hysco global good technology contest

Kim, Hyung Ki (Ph.D)

Korean Society of Civil Engineering Conference Excellent Paper Award

Woo, Su Min (BS)

Korean Society of Civil Engineering Conference Excellent Student Award