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Geocentrifuge Center
KOCED Geo-Centrifuge opened May 2005 and has supported variety of experiment on many geotechnical engineering researches, including modeling, measurement, and analysis (http://soildynamic.kaist.ac.kr). The facility is located in the basement of W16 building.

UTM(Universal Test Machine)
This hydraulics machine (250t, made by Instron, UK) measures the compression strength and fracture point. This facility supports many experiment in structure and materials in CEE and even used in aerospace engineering tests.
3D printer
KAIST CEE operates 3D printer (ZPrinter 310 Plus) that supports up to 300 x 450dpi, 2.5cm/hr vertical forming speed, and 203 x 254 x 203 mm size manufacturing.

Computer Cluster
KAIST CEE has built computer clusters located at 5th floor in W16 building. This computer room has 20 Windows based computers, b/w, color printers, a screen and a beam projector. It supports experiment and lectures for CEE students in simulation and design.

Book Cafe
This room, located in the 1st floor of W1-2 building, is mainly for undergraduate students without lab space. From taking a rest to discussion and conversation, this space is for undergraduate student for variety of activities.
Creative Convergence Lounge
This lounge is a space for various activities for all CEE members, located in 4th floor of W16 building. It can be used for refresh, conversation, meetings, seminars, lectures and project demonstration. This room specially utilized with black ceiling, wall displays, and color glass boards serving as a ‘Flexible Space’ for CEE members.