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The academic vision of KAIST CEE is the establishment of convergent, multidisciplinary and internationalized civil and environmental engineering education. Through such education, CEE will train world-leading scientists and engineers, who will contribute to the improvement of human civilization.

KAIST CEE has prepared innovative education programs to realize this vision.
Emphasis on convergence of construction information management (e.g., urban and transportation systems) into traditional construction engineering for creative economy in construction market
Enhancement of multi-disciplinary education incorporating information and communication technology and bio- and nano-technology.
Internationalization of education infrastructure through establishment of active international education networks.

Since 2009, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, KAIST has hosted U-city graduate Program funded by the Korea government. The U-city graduate program focuses on establishing policy for management of infrastructure systems for U-city and training core workforce for their planning, design, construction, and management. The developed program includes course work, project participation, seminars and internship practice to provide diverse opportunities of real U-City experience. Through the U-city program, KAIST CEE has completely renewed its curriculum to reinforce convergent education, trained innovative workforce, and established international collaboration systems. Also, CEE has put utmost efforts to train progressive workforce through leadership education (e.g., KAIST Leadership Lecture Series and department seminar series). The U-City program plans to establish an educational system with emphases on multidisciplinary and convergent curriculum.

Since 2007, KAIST CEE has provided most of its lectures in English and has established international relations with world-leading universities. Each year, CEE takes part in International symposiums (e.g., KKCNN) to reinforce relations and promote research collaborations with leading universities in Asia. CEE is also improving collaborative relationships with universities in the U.S. (U.C. Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University, etc.) and Europe (Denmark Technical University).

In addition to these established educational programs, CEE plans to establish detailed realistic education innovation plan to realize its education vision. CEE will incorporate information and communication technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, urban infrastructure and building planning and construction technology to traditional civil and environmental engineering through implementation of this plan. This convergent education will allow for training of creative workforce, who will become leaders in construction technology of the future.