Announcement for Tenure-Track Faculty Position(Environmental Engineering)
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Tenure-Track Faculty Position

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)



Positions available

Detailed specialization

Environmental Engineering


Environmental Biosystem Engineering (for example, advanced biological wastewater treatment engineering) (Interested candidates with other and related specializations within Environmental Engineering will be also considered if there are excellent R&D achievement records or potentials.)


A successful candidate should have a doctoral degree with strong record of research or potential to pursue influential research in the field of environmental engineering. Candidates should possess unusual creativity to develop original research tasks and the ability to execute such tasks. Preferred candidates also need to be qualified for and deeply interested in both graduate and undergraduate level education with a good command of English. Classes will be conducted in English. Candidates in the field of biological treatment engineering will be given preference. For more information, please visit the website at or contact Prof. Jong-In Han (


Salary is commensurate with the appointee's qualifications and experience. Benefits include medical/dental insurance, housing rent for three years, and research funds for setting up a laboratory.


Applicants are invited to send a resume or curriculum vitae, a research statement, and a list of publications for preliminary review to Prof. Jong-In Han ( with a cc to Ms. Suk-Kyung Kim ( The evaluation will start from Nov 1, 2013 but the application will be accepted until the position is filled. KAIST is committed to seeking qualified women and/or foreign candidates and we strongly encourage them to apply for these positions. KAIST is an equal opportunity employer.


Department Overview


KAIST is a leading research university in Korea devoted to science and engineering education. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at KAIST is nationally and internationally recognized for its excellence in civil and environmental engineering research and education and operates a multi-dimensional program which involves a wide variety of engineering tasks and applications offering a multitude of challenging career opportunities. Faculty research activities, supported by government and industrial funding, involve both traditional and emerging areas.


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